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METALINOUT is a young company of which vocation is the trading of Aluminium and semi-transformed products and scraps.
Our 15 years experience on these markets permissed us to get the exclusive representation of the shates and plates division of ALCAN EP (become CONSTELLIUM since May, 2011) for Sierre and Issoire plants.
We work in the whole market of aluminium and have access to all products from "upstream aluminium" (lingots or plates) to "downstream products" (disks, sheets or foils).
In july 2010 we began to look over the recycling market of aluminium and are developing this activity.

We put our energy and knowledge in the research of the best answer to our customers, and so we always choose our suppliers for  their technical capabilities, competitive pricing, quality of products and service in order to make you complitly satisfied.
Our large range of products for  Aerospace Transportation and Industry permisses METALINOUT to find the right solution to your business.

Exclusive representation for Spain and Portugal of CONSTELLIUM (ex ALCAN-ATI) for  ISSOIRE and SIERRE plants.....

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